Learn about the projects St Kizitos has to become self-sustaining.

Chicken Coop Extension
We hope to extend the chicken coop housing to allow for more chickens. Our chickens lay eggs and in addition to feeding the children with these eggs we can sell them to purchase medicine and other food or the children. A larger coop will more accurately provide for our needs.

Guest House
We intend to build a guest home so that we can create income potential to provide for the needs of the children. This will also allow a convenient place for our volunteers and visitors to lodge where their lodging expense will further help by providing for the children.

Rental Homes
This is another building project that we will complete in order to create income potential to provide for the needs of the children and support the home. We will rent these homes to create recurring income for the baby home.

We plan to source and acquire a van to ease the transportation of babies. This will make visiting doctors and hospitals with the children more convenient, especially in emergency situations.

We plan to source and acquire a tractor so that we will be able to open up the gardens to improve on food security. This will allow greater access to food for the children straight from our garden.

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