Learn about our home for vulnerable and abandoned children in Mbale, Uganda


Our vision is to maintain a well established babies' home for the rehabilitation, transformation and development of children with various vulnerabilities.

Our goal is to promoted the welfare and protect the rights of those babies and children in the home.

Our mission is to up-bring these children into responsible, disciplined and hard working citizens.


St. Kizito Babies' Home, located in Mbale, Uganda, was founded in 1968 by the Mill Hill missionaries, along with the the Sisters of Mary of Kakamega, Kenya, and headed by Bishop John Grief. The home was established to care for abandoned newborns and children whose mother or parents have died. The home is currently run by Sister Mary Lunyolo of the Sisters of Mary who is the administrator of the home.

Today, the home cares for over 45 children, coming from many different districts of Uganda and ranging in age from 0-5. The home oversees the resettlement of these children when they reach the age of 5 - some return to live with relatives, while others are placed in foster homes. In the future, when more funds become available to the orphanage, the home hopes to be able to provide ongoing assistance and support to those children who have left the home and are in need, through such means as educational scholarships and vocational training. The motto is "to love and to serve" and the staff make it completely true!

Originally the orphanage was meant to support a maximum of 20 children ranging from birth to 3 years old. Currently the home has over 40 children under its care ranging from birth to 6 years old. Even though the home has stretched its resources to the maximum the management has had to turn children away that were in need to a fate likely resulting in death.

Like in other orphanages in Uganda, there are children who have a father, but the mother died during birth. In these cases the father and close relatives are unable to care for a newborn baby and therefore they seek the support of the home.

The overall objectives of the home include:

  • To save, care, support and protect babies whose mothers have died at child-birth and those who have been abandoned.
  • To care, support and protect babies whose mothers are severely handicapped either mentally and/or physically, or are subject to malnourishment and poor health.
  • To provide educational support to school-going children.
  • To oversee the resettlement of children returning to their relatives.
  • To support, supervise, monitor and evaluate the conditions of all resettled children, with or without relatives.
  • To support activities that promote that general welfare and development of the orphans and vulnerable children.

The orphanage is officially registered as a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) in the Ministry of Local Government.

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